Northeast PA Activities

Local family fun park in Pike County Pennsylvania! LEARN MORE AT - www.PoconoHomesRe...

Northeast PA Activities


Northeast PA Activities in Poconos

Pike County Pennsylvania is a sanctuary home to Bald Eagles in the Poconos! LEARN MORE AT -

Bald Eagle Nesting Area – Pike County, PA

As you enter the Poconos, you can literally smell the difference in the air between it and surrounding states.  Fascinating historical sites and high tech business districts blend with stately pine trees, gentle creeks, and stunning river views to create the perfect place for a vacation home, or even a primary one. If you are looking for the perfect real estate investment for buying or selling, we have the perfect property right here in the Poconos. The Pocono Homes Real Estate we can help you buy or sell:

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Captivating Geography You Will Never Forget

When you drive in the Pocono Mountains, you are sure to be impressed by generous roads that are easier to navigate than in most other mountain areas in the Northeast.  The gentle curves wind their way through scenic wooded areas and over 170 miles of winding rivers.

Lake Wallenpaupack outdoor activities sign! LEARN MORE AT -

Activities Sign for Lake Wallenpaupack

No matter whether you want to spend the day to reach stunning waterfalls, or skiing and snowboarding in the winter, dozens of free campsites and parks are available for your needs. In fact, many people that decide to buy property here were charmed the first time they came to visit the Poconos to ski on over 163 different trails, hike or bike on 261 miles of trails, or play on over 35 luxury golf courses.

The Perfect Place for Recreation and a Good Life

Local family fun park in Pike County Pennsylvania! LEARN MORE AT -

Local Fun Park in Pike County, PA

No matter whether you decide to locate in Hawley near the Old Silk Mill or along the winding roads deeper in the Poconos, you will find plenty of recreational activities to enjoy all year round.  In the summer, you will love boating, hiking in state parks, and playing golf on spacious, well kept golf courses. This entire area has a rich history that serves as an underpinning for some of the most important moments in American history and modern cultural events.

Grey Towers Historical Site in Milford Pennsylvania! LEARN MORE AT -

Milford, PA Historical Site – Grey Towers

You are sure to enjoy beautiful art galleries, theaters, and museums that tell the story of local landmarks and traditions. Modern Internet and easy access to all the best in medical care and modern technology makes the Poconos a surprisingly perfect place to get away to the mountains without losing vital connections to the rest of the world.  When you buy real estate from us, you will be well within two hours drive to the largest cities on the eastern seaboard. This includes NYC, DC, Wilkes-Barre PA, and Baltimore MD. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to tell you more about the Poconos and how we can help you get the best real estate deals.


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