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Most Trusted Real Estate Agent in Milford Pennsylvania

Finding good estate agency can often be a difficult process, but not for the people of Milford, Pennsylvania! Pocono Homes Real Estate is a name that has been helping the people of Pike & Wayne Counties with buying and selling their houses and properties for years. Because of our vast experience in the real estate industry, Pocono Homes Real Estate has become a name that anyone wanting to buy or sell a house can truly trust!  we are: 

Best Real Estate Agency in Pocono

Trusted Real Estate Professional in Milford

Weichert Award Winning Realtors in Pennsylvania



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What We Do?

Houses are not the only thing we have helped clients buy or sell. Our expertise includes all kinds of properties in which our clients are interested in buying or selling. For example, commercial Poconos property for sale in Pike County is not just any ordinary property. These properties are built with the best quality building materials and have no hidden issues that will later become the cause of headaches for the buyer after a few months of purchase. Whether you are looking for a not-so-big commercial building that can work as a part-time office space for your small business or whether you are looking for a huge building to move your company’s offices to a new location, we can help you find the perfect match for your needs among all Poconos property for sale.


Our Service Areas

We covered most of the cities in Pennsylvania. These are:

Custom Homes

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Reasons To Choose Pocono Homes Real Estate As Your Real Estate Agent

Pike & Wayne Counties are beautiful locations to settle in for primary homes as well as vacation get-a-ways. From the river valley, lake region and foothills of Pike County to the higher and lower hills and mountains of Wayne County, the beauty of nature is abundant everywhere you look. But there’s certainly a lot more that goes into the buying or selling a house than just beautiful surroundings. Whether you are buying a new home to settle in with your family or selling your old house to move to a bigger (or smaller) one, the process can be an emotional one. Maybe you are getting a new place for your kids and you want something they will absolutely love or maybe you are selling the home your kids grew up in and you want a buyer who will treasure it as it deserves to be. But in the real estate market, your emotions usually don’t get the attention they deserve – except with Pocono Homes Real Estate. We don’t only help our clients in finding houses but in finding real homes. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our satisfied Client Testimonials from those loving life in their beautiful homes in Pike and Wayne counties, homes that we helped them find according to their preferences. Also take a look at our list of accolades on our Awards and Honors page to see how numerous associations of Realtors, both nationally and across Pike & Wayne counties, have recognized our hard work and dedication to excellence. So, rest assured that with Pocono Homes Real Estate, your real estate needs will be handled with the utmost care and responsibility!

Still Not Sure What To Do? Let Us Help You! Here are the benefits of choosing Pocono Homes Real Estate:

  • Save Time and Money: All you have to do is tell us what kind of property or buyer you need and we will do all the research for you. We know this terrain because we live here and will not let you become the victim of sellers who ask for unjust prices and demands.
  • The House of Your Dreams: Maybe you want a house with huge glass windows or maybe you prefer a log cabin on the water, we can find you a variety of Pocono homes for sale that you can truly call the house of your dreams.
  • We Have Many Options: When you find the perfect property but it is out of your budget, don’t believe it is the end of the world. The variety of Pocono homes for sale are not only limited to people with high budgets. We will help you find the property that will fit your budget and your preferences.
  • Smooth & Tension Free Process: Once you hire us to help you buy or sell a property, we will not rest until we find you that perfect property or perfect buyer. We make the whole process as easy as possible because we handle all the work ourselves.


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So if you are looking to buy or sell a house or other property in Pike or Wayne counties, don’t think twice before contacting us!