Homes in Lake Wallenpaupack

Honesdale PA

Homes in Lake Wallenpaupack


Homes in Lake Wallenpaupack PA’s NE Lake Region

Honesdale PA

Homes is this area maintain a 150,000 to 2,000,000 even after the corrections started in 2009. This is the ideal place to buy investment property, or a vacation home for those living in NY, NJ, or PA. No matter whether you need to get away from the city, or just want a private place to enjoy on romantic getaways, a Lake Wallenpaupack realtor is sure to have the perfect place for you. That said, if you wait too long to grab these properties, rising interest rates and inflation can easily push them right out of your reach.

Home in a Country Setting:

Consider a situation where you have been working in NYC for years, and know that you want a retirement home in a country setting. At the same time, you may not want to give up all the advantages of living in the city; let alone move so far away that you cannot visit your friends and family.

Lakefront property Wallenpaupack & Pike County is just two hours away from the city; and offers the perfect balance of rustic charm and advanced technology. You can ski in the winter, go hiking in the summer, and still enjoy high speed internet, well paved roads, and just about anything else that comes to mind. In fact, the Poconos is so popular with vacationers and retirees; it has been designated as a World Class Spa Destination Resort area.

The Perfect Home:

When you work your entire life to save some money, there is nothing worse than looking forward to spending your golden years in a cramped apartment, with smog and sirens surrounding you day and night. Right now, you have a chance to purchase the perfect home in the Poconos.

Even if you have several years to go before retirement, you can still come to the Poconos during vacation season. If you have children, or simply need some time in a natural, quiet setting, this is truly the best area for you to visit.

Today, there are still many problems with the economy and the overall housing market. In fact, if you look at vacation and retiree property areas, you will see that most are still experiencing negative correction trends. On the other side of the equation, properties in the Poconos did not lose much value even during the worst of the crisis: they are improving in value at a steady rate.

If you buy property in the Poconos, rest assured that the value will continue to go up.  Therefore, even if you choose to use the property as an investment piece, it can still help you make a good bit of money should you decide to sell it later.

Why should you get stuck with a piece of property with an old, junky house on it when the Poconos features beautiful homes on some of the most pristine acreage in the world? Visit the Poconos today and find out what this beautiful setting has to offer you in terms of vacation, second home, or even retirement property.


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