Lake Wallenpaupack in Summer

skiing in lake

Lake Wallenpaupack in Summer


What better way to spend a hot summer’s day than on or in the peaceful waters of Lake Wallenpaupack in Summer? It makes no difference if you enjoy sailing, power boating, skiing, fishing or just a long slow paddle; this little piece of paradise is the ideal place to help embrace the heat of summer.


There are a number of businesses around the lake that offer short-term rentals for anything from a rubber duckie paddleboat to a 25-foot sailboat. Checkout these sites and get out there on the water this weekend and start living the life you want to live:

Tourism statistics inform us that if you are visiting Lake Wallenpaupack for the first time you will have enjoyed the stay so much you will return.

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With this simple fact in mind, you need to consider if you are going to be a “once a year vacation renter” or one of the growing number of “long-term objective buyers” of a vacation property you can visit anytime you wish?

Vacation home rentals on Lake Wallenpaupack cost between $200 and $500 per night.

To purchase a quality “home away from home” on Lake Wallenpaupack could cost around $25,000 deposit and with the rates as low as they are (currently 4% for 30 years) comes to around $1,500 a month in repayments – roughly the same cost for one rental vacation visit.

Explore this feasibility of owning as opposed to renting! Consider this: Pocono Homes Real Estate does more than just sell homes, we search for property that is a perfect match for you and your family and all of their requirements. So next time you are visiting give us a call at Pocono Homes Real Estate on (570) 647-5809 and let us show you how affordable buying a vacation home in the Poconos can really be … and how owning, as opposed to renting, a vacation home can actually save you money!


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