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PA Waterfront


PA Waterfront of Pike and Wayne County – A Handy Guide

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Pennsylvania State is known for its scenic waterside locations, providing picturesque spots for the perfect vacation. Covering a number of counties, lakes and forest parks, there’s no shortage of activities to fill up on.

Two such flowering counties are that of Pike and Wayne, both flush with beautiful expanses of water and offering up a diverse variety of events for everyone under the sun.

Pike County positions itself as the perfect place for hunters of all descriptions to flock to, boasting over 120,000 acres of land; including access for disabled hunters and year-round activities. The county also incorporates Lake Wallenpaupack, the Delaware River and the Lackawaxen River – perfect for fishermen.

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Overall, Pike borders around 74 square miles of water; including all lakes and rivers, as well as smaller, more serene ponds and pools. There are numerous boat rentals available, should you wish to take to the waters yourself, as well as the high octane options of kayaking, canoeing and tubing. Additionally, the waters are deemed safe for swimming – perfect for cooling off after a long day of activities.

Naturally, with such extensive waterways and lakes, Pike County also boasts some spectacular natural waterfalls which are open to public viewing. What better way to spend a relaxing day than to see the Bushkill Falls, the ‘Niagra of Pennsylvania’ or George W. Childs Park, overflowing with many different falls?

For those wishing to head further northward on their vacation, Wayne County becomes a much more appealing prospect. Wayne County is much smaller in scale than Pike, with around 21 square miles of water to its name – but with many similar attractions.

Why not take a morning to explore Lake Wallenpaupack with the Wayne County scenic boat tour – complete with an intriguing description of the incredible history behind the lake’s creation? Those made of stronger stuff can take full use of the various campgrounds dotted around the lakes of the county; such as Ledgedale.

Vacationers can even rent out private, quiet cottages on the side of Lake Genero – a 15 acre lake privately owned and opened between May and October for the public to rent, beside 10 acres of serene parkland.

Fun on Water

With the 4th July just over the horizon – many will be travelling to Lake Wallenpaupack’s incredible fireworks display, which takes place right over the legendary waterway itself. As well as this, Wayne County Creative Arts Council will be hosting an Independence Day Celebration at Honesdale Central Park on July 3rd, including a pre-July 4th fireworks display of its own!


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