Vacation in Pike County PA

Tourist spot in Pike County PA

Vacation in Pike County PA


Tourist spot in Pike County PA

Vacation in Pike County PA. No matter whether you live or work in the city, your vacation time is one of the few times when you can relax and
let go of all the madness of city life. While you may love listening to the sounds of nature on your mp3 player and looking at serene pictures of trees, actually venturing into the wilderness may leave you worried about all the things you don’t know.

Rest assured that when you visit the Poconos, you will have an absolutely wonderful time among good people that know how to blend the best of civilization with the best nature has to offer.

As you plan your Memorial Day vacation and beyond, consider visiting the Poconos.  Thousands of people have already done that, and then loved our area so much they decided to buy vacation and retirement homes in our neighborhood, making sure they can come and visit Poconos whenever they want.

Will I be Stuck in the Woods With no Sign of Civilization?

Even thought the Poconos feature hundreds of streams, forests, and pristine rivers, you will usually have on problems finding stores, gas stations, and medical care facilities. For example, when you visit Hawley, the main street has several malls where you can buy food, clothes, and just about anything else of interest.

If you go just a mile or so more, you will gain access to highways that wind through beautiful forests and past animal sanctuaries. This area also features dozens of museums, art centers, campsite areas, fishing lodges, and many other outdoor venues.

What About the Night Life?

Never let the stunning landscape of the Poconos fool you into thinking there are no night clubs or other evening entertainment. Some of the finest restaurants on Earth are found in the Poconos right alongside fast food venues that children will love to visit.

If you are looking for all night dance clubs and other night time entertainment, simply look for the bright lights at night, and you are bound to find some excitement.

How Easy is it to Get Around?

Overall, you will find it relatively easy to travel in the Poconos. Even though there are a lot of hills and winding roads, there is plenty of room to navigate safely. Unlike many other areas of interest for their natural beauty, the roads in the Poconos are also very well maintained.

As an added bonus, the clean air and plentiful side road stops make it easy to enjoy your driving time as much as all of the other things you are looking forward to on your vacation.

This Memorial Day:

You have a choice to go on visiting locations that may have poor roads, drab scenery, and little to offer other than a past reputation for greatness. By contrast, the Poconos offer some of the most stunning vistas in the world, combined with every amenity you could hope to find in less rural settings. Why not visit the Poconos today and find out why so many people vacation here year after year, and then choose to live here after retirement?


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