Winter in Poconos

Snow fall in pocono

Winter in Poconos


Your Guide to Getting the Most out of Winter in Poconos This Winter!

Snow fall in pocono

Big Bear Ski Slope!

The Pocono Mountains are renowned for their summer vacation exploits; water sports, lakeside treats, nature trails, hunting, fishing… the list goes on. But slightly less clear is what there is to do during the cold, harsh winter months when fewer of us travel or take family vacations.

However, just because the weather has taken a turn for the colder and the nights are drawing in quicker, doesn’t mean there’s actually any less to do. The Poconos are just as beautiful, just as inviting and just as entertaining at the end of the year and this guide will explain how.

A little bit about the Poconos

The Pocono Mountain region is located in North Eastern Pennsylvania, and covers roughly 2,400 square miles of water, forestry and mountain slopes. It also incorporates a handful of towns, farms and a series of national park reserves.

During the lighter, summer months, the Pocono region welcomes in thousands of tourists who revel in its breath-taking scenery, unparalleled waterfalls and woodlands, and take use of almost 170 miles worth of winding rivers and stunning coastlines.

During the winter months, things are a little different…

What are the best activities available during the winter?

Straight off, the Pocono region is famous for its winter time skiing. Avid skiers and snowboarders, and amateurs looking to begin their new hobby, flock to the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area and the Alpine Mountain Ski and Ride Center to make the most of the fresh snowfall.

The region is home to over 185 slopes, which are spread out over a total of nine designated skiing areas; which accommodate all levels of skill, from beginners to professionals. That being said, not everyone is comfortable standing on skis, and those people can take use of the snow tubing (which is available on most, if not at all slopes), in addition to this, there is also cross country skiing facilities available throughout the Pocono region and snowshoeing for the more wanderlust of holidaymakers.

Explore the serene countryside in a number of unorthodox ways:

The fun doesn’t stop with the slopes, though. There are a number of different methods of getting around in the beautiful Pocono winter; including snowmobiling (endless fun across the snow trails), horseback riding through some of the more stable mountain paths and most impressive of all, even dog sledding!.

Of course, this only the adventurous side of things … There are numerous luxurious spas, or you might want to try your hand in at the Mount Airy Casino and Resort. Failing that, you can explore the historical towns of the region and take in the charm, tradition and atmosphere of fantastic restaurants, galleries and upmarket shops.

There’s nothing like sipping a hot chocolate by a log fire, with the dark, cold night all around after a long day of breathing in the true beauty of a real winter wonderland. With all this and more on offer at the Pocono Mountains, why would you want to be anywhere else?


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